Classical Dance

Dance has always been a part of human culture, rituals and celebrations. Today, most dancing is about recreation and self-expression, and at Elements 5, we make use of Indian Classical Dances to help our clients get over the difficulties of illness and disease. We understand that dancing is an enjoyable way to be more physically active and to stay fit.


Bharatanatyam can help improve body balance by a large margin. A Bharatanatyam performer is required to elegantly maintain perfect body balance while performing different body movements called Karanas. It also helps to improve one’s body flexibility. Performing Bharatanatyam or any other dance form requires stamina and Bharatanatyam in particular boosts a person’s endurance. It also provides health benefits such as maintaining a healthy heart and weight control, by burning a lot of calories, among many others.


Mohiniyattam is classical dance where the dancer uses her feet and hands to convey a story. The body movements are mainly volutions and revolutions. Such rhythmic movements demand the body to be in good shape, especially the waist. As with other dance forms, Mohiniyattam greatly improves the stamina and endurance of performers. While providing performers with an improved spatial sense, Mohiniyattam increases blood circulation and works out muscles of the body.


The therapeutic effects of Kuchipudi dance are rooted in its elegance and graceful movements. With momentary emotions, monumental postures and musical movements of the dancer, Kuchipudi is more than sheer dancing. More than any other dance form, Kuchipudi works on the body balance of the dancers a lot. Alluring dance moves are performed while balancing the whole body on a brass plate with a vessel on one’s head. Kuchipudi is believed to reduce the risks of osteoporosis by strengthening bones, especially those of legs.